I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, which is a big part of my life. During the winter, college basketball is how I spend my indoor time. I too enjoy playing basketball and volleyball in my spare time. I love spending time outdoors and being on the lake when the weather cooperates. I enjoy taking photos. I also enjoy traveling and reading the news.

I am an educator and my teaching philosophy is simple: prepare students for tomorrow’s challenges. Being prepared, energetic and passionate about education are three aspects I will bring into the classroom every day. I will hold every student responsible for their own behavior within the classroom. I will have all students comfortable while learning. By creating a rapport with every student when entering the classroom, will help create a positive learning

Hard work is something I have a strong belief in and students need to be challenged in order to feel successful. By encouraging my students to believe in themselves, I will help them work hard to achieve their goals and face tomorrow’s challenges.