Image Post

This image is an image that really caught my eye. There are two flowers with the sun trying to peek through. I hope you can enjoy this photo as much as I have.


Local Image from computer

This next photo shows some creativity of the photographers point of view on things. I enjoy how the ball is coming right at the photographer. Rory Mcilroy is one of my favorite golfers. He is a young coming golfer that is making nose on tour. This photo caputres a great moment of Rory hitting out of a sand bunker.

Golf, Rory

Image from URL

This is my last image that I that I have photographed of my own. I really enjoy taking sunset photos out at Farmers Union camp on Lake Tschida. Here is one of my all time favorite photos that I have captured while working out at camp. I hope you enjoy this photo that I have captured.

Lake Tschida, My Own, Photo, Sunset, NDFU

Lake Tschida


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